Become a supplier of Luka Rijeka d.d.

O ur desire is to manage quality relations with suppliers, creating through these value-added relationships for our company as well as for our suppliers. Despite the large number of suppliers we work with, we constantly need to enrich our supplier base with new innovative suppliers.
New suppliers must be able to deliver quality, more functional, more competitive products or services to create customer satisfaction. In order to ensure constant improvements, we continually value our suppliers and encourage them to improve. We prefer suppliers that are professional, ethical, innovative, dynamic and flexible.

Become a supplier

If your company meets these standards and you feel that you are able to offer a quality, competitive and innovative product or service that may be of interest to us, we will be happy to contact you and give us your co-operation proposal.

We build our relationship with suppliers on the criteria of professionalism, transparency and fairness, fully respecting both the legal frameworks and the high ethical and moral standards. Likewise, we want to build relationships with suppliers that share our values and promote the same standards among those they work with and with whom they are in contact.

Contact email for your co-operation proposal is:

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