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Rijeka Basin

Bakar Basin

Raša Basin

Terminal Bršica

Handling of cattle, transhipment of general cargo and wood

Inland warehouse terminal Škrljevo

Terminal Škrljevo

Terminal for storage of containers, general and bulk cargo and wood

Traffic connection

Port of Rijeka is the largest port in Croatia and is the starting point for the Mediterranean Corridor. One of the overriding advantages is its intermodality. In addition to maritime traffic, it is well connected with road and rail traffic.

The port is connected with other transport sectors and important road connections including:

Motorway A6 (Mediterranean Corridor) - Rijeka - Zagreb

Motorway A8/A9 - Rijeka - Istrian Y

The Rijeka highway

Rail (Mediterranean Corridor) Šapjane - Rijeka - Zagreb - Koprivnica - Botovo

Railway line M502: Rijeka - Pivka

Rijeka Airport - Krk: 17 kilometers of aerial distance, 25 kilometers of road distance

Oil pipeline connecting refineries in Croatia, Hungary, Austria, BiH, Serbia, Czech Republic and Slovakia

Connection to the Rhine-Danube TEN-T corridor and the X corridor, which pass through Croatia

Baltic-Adriatic corridor - Venice - Trieste - Kopar - Ljubljana - Budapest: 115 km

European projects

On June 23, 2017 the co-financing of two projects from the Connecting Europe Facility - Transport (CEF) funds was approved to Luka Rijeka d.d.

Together with the Port of Rijeka Authority, Luka Rijeka d.d. successfully submitted to the European Commission two projects for the reconstruction and upgrade of infrastructure in port basins Rijeka and Bakar for the co-financing from the Connecting Europe Facility - Transport (CEF). The value of both projects is estimated at a total of 39,93 mil.

The projects were submitted by February 2017 to the Third Call of the European Commission in the instrument for co-financing key transport projects with CEF funds and for them the maximum amount of co-financing of 85%, or nearly 34 million EUR of grants, was approved to Luka Rijeka d.d.