Rijeka ( 45°19.8' N - 14°25.4' E )

The port of Rijeka is situated in the Kvarner Gulf, and trough Kupa Valley there is connection potencial to Zagreb and Pannonian basin, and consequently, to the Danube region and Central Europe.

The advantage of north Adriatic ports over the ports in the North Sea or the Baltic results from the shortest maritime link between Europe and The Near, the Middle, and the Far East. Since the Adriatic sea is the most indented section of the European continent, the northern Adriatic is a part of Europe that enables the closest access to world seas to the central European countries.

The Port of Rijeka has an exceptional geo-traffic position. The draft debt higher than 16 m (18 m) allows the access to the largest ships and it will be deepened to 20 m with the construction of new facilities.

D uring the World War I, by closing the Otrant passage, trade and maritime traffic with overseas countries was interrupted, thus the traffic through the port of Rijeka was carried out only within the Adriatic Sea. By the beginning of the Second World War, the city of Rijeka and the port were divided into two parts to Rijeka and Sušak port. Both ports became war bases during the war.

In the period from 1951 to 1960, Rijeka takes over the function of the main port of Yugoslavia, and gradually functiones as the transit harbor of the Danubian countries in the hinterland.

From 1960 to 1990. the port of Rijeka is transformed into a modern port system in the Kvarner hinterland. In 1967, the bulk cargo terminal at Podbok location in Bakar was put into operation and was listed as one of the most modern terminals in Europe. The terminal was mainly used for the import of iron ore for the needs of Austria and Czechoslovakia.

In 1983 on the Goranin coast, a terminal for the general cargo and ro-ro ramp equipped with coastal cranes were installed.

1978. The Skrljevo inland warehouse complex was built
1979. The Container terminal at Brajdica was built in the Sušak part of the port basin, Phosphate terminal and grain silos in the Rijeka basin, Wood terminal in Bršica, port basin Raša
1982. Cattle terminal was built in Bršica, port basin Raša
1983. The Terminal for general cargo with ro-ro ramp on the Goranin coast was built, Port basin Bakar
2000. Signed the Agreement on the Priority Concession for 12 Years, Port of Rijeka j.s.c. gained the legal framework for the economic use of maritime goods in the Rijeka port basin, valid until 2042

In the process of recapitalization during 2015, OT Logistics bought 20,81% of the shares of Port of Rijeka j.s.c. and by the end of 2017, together with its partners, controls the majority share package with 50,56%.

Port is hiring!

P ort of Rijeka j.s.c. is the largest concessionaire for dry cargo transhipment in Rijeka's port area, and a market-oriented trading company whose main activity is port services. Our mission is to provide high quality port services. We operate as a modernly organized business entity and together with our business partners and users of our services, we build our vision of the leading port operator for the transportation of dry cargo in the Northern Adriatic.
With independent projects and projects in strategic partnership with world leaders in port logistics, we are launching new investment cycles, which bring higher organizational standards into the business, know-how of leading port operators and modernization of equipment. Employees of Port of Rijeka j.s.c. are the greatest value and strength of our company and only with their quality we can accomplish our mission, vision, strategy and dreams.
I f you are interested in a job position at Port of Rijeka j.s.c. as a port-transport worker or have the skills of a handler (a crane, a truck, a lift, a crane, a forklift, a loader, a trailer tractor or some other means), we kindly invite you to express your interest and provide us with your resume and photocopy of certificates for your training so we can add you to our database and contact you in case of open positions in your field.
You can submit the requested information to:

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