Management Board and Supervisory Board

Members of the Management Board

Duško Grabovac

President of the Management Board

Marina Cesarac Dorčić

Member of the Management Board

Members of the Supervisory Board

Dr. sc. Alen Jugović

Associate professor, President of the Supervisory Board

Graduated in 1999 at the Faculty of Maritime Studies of the University of Rijeka and became B.Sc. in Technology maritime traffic. At the Faculty of Economics in 2008 defended his doctoral degree and received his doctor's degree in social sciences, field of economy.

He completed his professional master's Economics for Sustainable Transportation Development in the Virtual University of the Adriatic-Ionian Basin, Trieste-Italy. He works at the Faculty of Maritime Studies, University of Rijeka as an associate professor and is currently the Dean of the Faculty. He has participated in over seventy professional and five scientific projects related to the organization, logistics operations, concession, economic exploitation and management of maritime organizations (ports and shipping companies).

The most important his research projects are: National Development Plan ports of county and local importance in Croatia, Master plan of ports open to public traffic from the county and local interest in Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, Sustainable Development Strategy of Cruising Tourism in Croatia, Ten Year Development Plan Croatian port system and many others. He was engaged and the three European project, of which the one was the leader of the European project "Developing of Motorways of the Sea system and Adriatic region-AdriaticMoS". He has published about 60 scientific papers in the field of economics, logistics, traffic and transport, ports and shipping, and participated in a number of national and international conferences and meetings. He is coauthor or author of three university books entitled "The management of sea passenger port", "Management in shipping and ports" and “Management of sea ports”.

Dragica Varljen

Vice president of the Supervisory Board