Mission, Vision, Strategy


The Port of Rijeka – Luka Rijeka d.d. – is the largest concessionaire for shipping and reload of dry cargo in the Rijeka port basin; the Port offers services in maritime traffic, port services, as well as the storage of cargo – which is being continuously adopted to the needs of the port clients, in the manner of a reliable business partner.

We are using all natural advantages of the Port of Rijeka, we have ensured quality in the services we are providing and developed partnerships with our clients in order to establish a stable market position for our Company – in Croatia, as well as abroad.

The basis of our business policy is to provide top quality port services, which are permanently harmonized with the latest world market demands; business policy is also of importance for the preservation of the present and future expansion of the Port of Rijeka on the North Adriatic maritime route and its role as an important transit port for the Central and Central-Eastern European countries.


To be recognisable as a well established business entity, in local, regional and global environment, oriented towards the future business excellence.


To strengthen the market position of the Port of Rijeka through strategic partnership with world leaders in maritime traffic and to ensure new investment projects; To reduce operational expenses by modernizing processes and to increase traffic, in order to increase revenue and maximize business effects. To ensure the increase in share value with higher profitability, as well as the further development of the corporation Luka Rijeka Inc.