Terminals and services

The Bulk Cargo Terminal Bakar

Situated in the Bakar Basin, 13 km from Rijeka

Intended for handling and warehousing iron ore and coal, as well as for other bulk and dry bulk cargo

Receives Panamax and Capsize ships

Connected via rail with the hinterland

Sea depth 18 m

Key equipment at the terminal: pier gantry crane with grab bucket, continuous ship-unloader, continuous ship-loader, mobile storage bridge, transport tracks

Annual capacity: 4,000,000 t

One-time storage capacity:

For fine iron ore 300,000 t

For iron ore pellets 250,000 t

For coal 120,000 t


The Cattle Terminal

Situated in the Raša Port Basin, multi-purpose terminal for reception and transshipment of live cattle, transshipment of timber, general, bulk cargo

Sea depth along the wharf of 8 m

Berth facilities for two ships, storage facilities for approx. 1,000 head of large livestock

Maximum annual capacity of 600,000 t

Constant veterinarian control of the cattle

Particular attention given to the preservation of environment

Immediate vicinity of the Štalije storage space, under concession of two Croatian exporters of timber via the Bršica Terminal

Total warehouse surface area: 510,383 m2

Covered surface area: 35,500 m2


The Inland Logistic Terminal

Located 10 km from the Rijeka Basin and 3 km from Bakar

Hinterland terminal – multipurpose logistic center intended for handling and warehousing containers, general and bulk cargo and timber

Owned by The Port of Rijeka j.s.c., has the status of a free customs zone

Provision of added value services on goods

Direct connections with the railway, the motorway and the roads on the VB corridor

Railway infrastructure – 6 railway tracks with the length of 3,500 m

Total surface area of more than 440.000 m2, of which:

54.965,34 m2 of closed warehouses

35.553,43 m2 of canopies

125.813 m2 of open warehouses


The Wood Business Unit

The Rijeka Terminal

It's in the eastern part of the Rijeka basin, part of the Rijeka Terminal

Sea depth 10 m

One-time storage capacity of timber 35,000 - 50,000 m3, depending on the type of timber

Maximum annual capacity of 500,000 t; sawn timber is also stored in the hinterland warehouse in Škrljevo

Favorable climate enables the natural drying process of sawn timber

Preparation of sawn timber for:




packaging and binding

The General Cargo Business Unit

The Rijeka Terminal

It's in the western part of the port basin, part of the Rijeka Terminal

Sea depth 12 m

Different types of general cargo can be handled and stored: iron and steel products (60 m rails!), various types of machines and mechanical constructions, marble and granite blocks, salt, cement, paper, cardboard...

11 berths are available, as well as many shore and mobile cranes with 40 and 63 t of loading capacity, and all other transshipment mechanization

Maximum annual capacity of approx. 2,000,000 t

The construction of new covered warehouses at the Zagreb pier is being prepared

Two new Liebherr cranes, installed in May 2013, each with nominal capacity of 84 t, possibility of operating in pair

The Refrigerated Cargo BU

The Rijeka Terminal

Situated in the western part of the port, it's a part of the Rijeka Terminal

Sea depth 10 m

Intended for the transshipment of refrigerated cargo

The total surface area of the conditioned warehouse in 8,000 m2

One-time warehouse capacity: 3,175 t

Max. annual capacity: 50,000 - 100,000 t, depending on the throughput

Cold storage areas with chambers :

for tropical fruit: bananas and citrus fruits

for frozen meat and fish


The Silos Grains Terminal

Situated in the western part of the Rijeka port basin

Transshipment and warehousing of grains and oil seeds

Connected to the railway

Sea depth: 14 m

Maximum annual capacity 1,000,000 t

One-time storage capacity approx. 56,000 t of grains

The terminal’s equipment allows these loading/unloading operations:

Ship – Silos; Silos – Ship

Ship – Silos – Railcar (truck)

Railcar (truck) – Silos – Ship

Railcar (truck) – Silos – Railcar (truck)


Adriatic Gate Container Terminal

51% - ICTSI Inc.
49% - The Port of Rijeka j.s.c.

Situated in the eastern part of the Port

Berth 1 - mooring length 300 m, sea depth 11.7 m

Berth 2 - mooring length 326 m, sea depth 14.88 m

Annual capacity: 600 000 TEU

Reception of post-Panamax size ships

BIP station for phytosanitary inspection of goods

Equipment installed at the terminal:

2 Panamax container cranes

2 post-Panamax cranes

6 RTGs (rubber-tired gantry cranes)

2 RMGs (rail mounted gantry cranes)


LTR and RTS service
Maintenance service
Cargo insurance service
Mooring and unmooring